See you soon!

See you September 1!

In the meantime, remember to read The Circuit and your summer reading selection.

Below you will find some advice from last year’s students…

On NOTEBOOKS – Keep your notebook ready to go at all times.  Write MORE than enough.  Provide a TON of evidence.  If you do well on your notebook, you will get a good grade his class.  Keep your notebook organized with dates and headings.

On READING – Read EVERY NIGHT.  Choose your books carefully so that you ENJOY THEM.  Do the assigned reading as soon as you find out about it.

On ORGANIZATION – Use the WEBSITE to keep track of assignments.  Start projects right away.  DON’T PROCRASTINATE!  Pay attention in class and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS carefully.  Turn assignments in on time.

On WORK ETHIC – Just DO THE WORK!  You are developing habits and skills that will help you later–maybe in an hour, or in 10 years.  Take advantage of EXTRA HELP.  And don’t be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS.

ALSO – Relax, it’s going to be fun…Always smile…Be prepared for a lot of revision…Be sure to English good…Behave!…Don’t leave your imagination home; you’re going to need it!