Tue. 9/5 – Welcome Back!

DO NOW:  Please sit anywhere.  When the bell rings, wait quietly for instructions.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO (1) learn a little bit about English 7, and (2) complete a 15 minute writing assignment about a “Summer Moment”


  • Mr. Huntley and Mrs. Covino are the Team 72 English teachers
  • Our extra help will be held in this room, Rm. 110.
  • Mr. Huntley has a website, huntleywriters.org, which you are looking at right now.  Be sure to bookmark/favorite the site on your computers/tablets/phones.
  • Mrs. Covino has a website, prealgebra.org/guthriecovino, which will list homework for all core subject areas for most teachers on Team 72.  Be sure to bookmark/favorite the site on your computers/tablets/phones.
  • We will be discussing English class in more detail tomorrow, when we have time.  

WRITING ASSIGNMENT.  Make sure you have a sheet of loose leaf and pen/pencil ready to write.

FIRST, write a proper heading at the top:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Period
  • English 72 – Huntley/Covino

NEXT, write a title for your assignment.  If you can’t think of one, write “Summer Moment”

THEN, write about a meaningful moment you experienced this summer.  It should be a MOMENT in time, not a day, a whole trip, etc.  Your moment should include:

  1. details that reveal your strong emotions about the moment
  2. details about the setting for your moment
  3. dialogue/conversation that occurred
  4. some reflection (your thoughts) on what made this moment special for you

Your writing should SHOW more than it TELLS, so that the reader can experience your moment, not just know about it.