Wed. 9/6 – Thank You!


TODAY’S GOAL IS TO (1) Receive your English Handbook and go over some details about this class, and (2) read and discuss a short story titled “Thank You, M’am,” written by Langston Hughes.

DO NOW: Locate your English Handbook and open to page 4.  While you wait to begin, you should review pp. 4 & 5.

ABOUT THE ENGLISH HANDBOOK: We will refer to your handbook many times this year.  It is chock-full of useful information about English class.

  • It will help you be prepared for writing assignments.
  • It will help you use your notebook effectively
  • It will help you with grammar and usage
  • It contains important academic vocabulary
  • It provides you with writing enrichment opportunities.

…and much, much more!


Know the purpose for your reading and writing.

  • Look over the questions you will answer
  • Questions to help you focus on the task: Why are we reading this?  What is the lesson?  Are we learning about craft?  About a theme?  About character?  About a topic?  All of the above?


CHARACTER can be an individual’s (1) mental and moral qualities, (2) interesting or unusual qualities, (3) inner strengths, or (4) good reputation

VERNACULAR is language used by ordinary people.  It often changes from place to place or through time.   (Example: ain’t)

MOTIVATION is a character’s reason for his or her actions in the story

As we read:

  • Keep all materials — story, questions, and notebook — on your desk
  • Stay focused and follow along
  • Do not read ahead…stay with the class, in the moment
  • No breaks or off-topic interruptions