Friday 9/8 – Portmanteaus and Six Word Memoirs


TODAY’S GOAL IS TO (1) invent a new word, a portmanteau, that reveals something unique about you, and (2) write a six word memoir that expresses who you are at this moment in time.

DO NOW: Take out your homework to be collected. Open your notebook to the next page.  Write today’s heading, “9/8 – Portmanteau and Six Word Memoir.”

Personality Words handout

Portmanteau Examples

  • CRONUT (croissant + donut)
  • FRAPPUCCINO (frappé + cappuccino)
  • BRUNCH (breakfast + lunch)
  • TURDUCKEN (turkey + duck + chicken)
  • CHILLAX (chill + relax)
  • FRENEMY (friend + enemy)
  • THREEPEAT (three + repeat)
  • SHARKNADO (shark + tornado)
  • STAYCATION (stay home + vacation)

Portmanteau and Six Word Memoir sheet, with instructions

Six Word Memoir Examples

  • Yeah, I know I am weird.
  • Learning to accept my own flaws.
  • I need more than 24 hours.
  • Xbox doesn’t want me to study.
  • Math books make really good pillows.
  • Acted first, thought second. Regrets? None!
  • School starts again. Take me away!
  • Picked last. I surprised them all.
  • Stole my stuff, not my memories.