Thurs. 9/7 – Thanks, Again!

WRITE DOWN THE HOMEWORK: Finish your “Thank You, M’am” Final Reflection (LONG PARAGRAPH of 7-10 sentences…at least a half written page).  It will be collected, so do not write it in your notebook!

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue analyzing the short story, “Thank You, M’am”


  • Locate your English Handbook and open to page 2 for the homework check.
  • While your signature is being checked, open your notebook to the next page.
  • Write today’s heading, 9/7 – “Thank You, M’am” discussion.
  • Respond to the following prompt: How does Langston Hughes’ poem, “The Dream Keeper” relate to his short story, “Thank You, M’am”? Share (and cite) a detail from the poem and a detail from the story in your response.

Dream Keeper – Langston Hughes

  1. Bring me all of your dreams, you dreamer,
  2. Bring me all of your heart melodies 
  3. That I may wrap them in a blue-cloud cloth
  4. Away from the too-rough fingers of the world.


  • Be prepared to provide a story summary detail
  • Be prepared to share a vocabulary definition
  • Be prepared to share an example of VERNACULAR
  • Be prepared to describe either Roger’s or Mrs. Jones’ character
  • Add to your notes as needed to make sure your work from yesterday is complete.



5) Analyze the moment when Roger begins to change.  Identify the paragraph(s) and explain the details that reveal his change.

INDEPENDENT WORK – Answer questions 6 and 7.  Each statement should include a reason that provides evidence from the text.

Your homework is Part 4:  Cross out questions 8-15 as a reminder that you do not have to complete them!