Mon. 9/11 – Characterizing Heroism

WRITE DOWN THE HOMEWORK: In your notebook, complete five character statements and your personal reaction to “The Man in the Red Bandana.”

DO NOW: Take out your Portmanteau/Six Word Memoir assignment to be collected.  Open your notebooks to the next page and write today’s heading, “9/11 – Characterizing Heroism”

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO learn about one of the many, many individuals who sacrificed their own lives on September 11, 2001, so that others could survive.  343 New York firefighters, 23 police officers, and 37 Port Authority officers were killed in their efforts to save lives on that day.  In addition to these first responders, a number of civilians took action to help others.  Today you are going to learn about one of those individuals.

  • You will be watching a video called “The Man in the Red Bandana.”  As you view it, list descriptions and actions presented in the video that reveal what kind of person Welles Crowther was.

  • Following the video, you will examine a slideshow about Welles Crowther’s life.  Continue to add to and elaborate upon your list of qualities describing him.

Slideshow: Welles Crowther, The Man in the Red Bandana

Discussion Share some of the words that you wrote down to characterize Welles Crowther.  Again, add to your own list as you hear others share.

Analysis Examine your list carefully.  Circle, highlight, underline the words you believe are Welles Crowther’s most important character qualities.  Select at least five.

SynthesisFor each word you have chosen, write a statement to explain the character quality, and include a specific example of the quality. Your examples do not have to all be from Welles Crowther’s life if you have other personal examples.

Reflection.  Write a personal reaction to the story you heard today.  The reaction can be brief but should identify some specific details to support your thoughts and feelings.  You can discuss details beyond Welles Crowther’s story.

Come prepared tomorrow to share one of your statements with the class.