Tues. 9/12 – Building Character

WRITE DOWN THE HOMEWORK: Complete your personal character building inventory.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO discuss the characteristics of heroism, and explore how you identify with some of them.


When you receive your loose leaf, write your name and period number at the top.  Write the heading, “Grammar Inventory.”  Then number 1-10, skipping lines.

For numbers 1-10, write down the requested part of speech from the sentence provided.

      1. Write the noun:  I play football.
      2. Write the proper noun:  I live in Roslyn.
      3. Write the pronoun: We are in English class.
      4. Write the verb:  We must use the technology.
      5. Write the linking verb:  English class is thrilling.
      6. Write the adjective: Enjoy the gorgeous weather.
      7. Write the adverb: He quickly finished the assignment.
      8. Write the preposition: Go to your locker.
      9. Write the conjunction:  I will eat broccoli or carrots.
      10. Write the interjection:  Wow!  You finished!

DO NOW: Open your notebooks to your homework – five character statements about Welles Crowther – and your personal reaction. 

DISCUSSION: Have your pen or pencil ready.  As you listen to people share character qualities, add more to your own list.

TODAY’S WORK:  Look over the list of character qualities shared today.  Which of these qualities do you see in yourself?  Circle, underline, highlight them in your notebook.

Then, add a break (a line, a new page, your choice) and write the heading…


Answer the following questions completely and thoughtfully.  Each response should be a paragraph that includes specific personal details to support your choices.  You may complete them in any order.

1) Who has taught you positive character qualities?  Which traits?  Share an example when and how.

2) What memorable experiences have you had that helped you develop positive character qualities?  Which traits?  Share an example when and how.

3) What qualities possessed by Welles Crowther or the fictional Luella Bates Washington Jones do you admire and want to possess yourself?  How can you acquire these qualities?