Wed. 9/13 – Character Building Narrative and Reflection

WRITE DOWN THE HOMEWORK: Complete the draft of your Character Building Narrative and Reflection.  It should include all required elements and be written in your notebook.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO select a topic about character-building and draft an extended narrative and reflection.

DO NOW: Turn to a new notebook page.  Write the heading, “9/13 – Character Building Narrative and Reflection”

Open your notebook to last night’s homework paragraphs and look over your responses.  Your reflections there may help you choose a topic from the list.  Keep them in mind as you review the choices.

When you receive the topic sheet, read the topic choices carefully.  When you make your choice, write the topic at the top before beginning. 

Your Character Building Narrative and Reflection should include:

  • An introduction to the topic/person, providing background and your personal connection
  • A description and discussion of the specific character qualities you value
  • Stories as examples to “show” your reader
  • Any other details that are part of the topic assignment
  • A conclusion in which you reflect on your feelings and understanding about the topic

You should finish your draft in class, or if necessary, for homework.

Topic sheet link, here.