Wed. 1/31 – Castle Learning

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Core Workout 3 due Friday.  Report to Computer Lab 209 again tomorrow.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO log into and work on some practice assignments for adverbs and adjectives.  Then, you will research the novels you will be sampling during Friday’s Book Tasting in the Library.

DO NOW – Log into your computer.  Go to and log into your account.  Select Mr. Huntley’s assignments and get to work.

  • Place your notebook on the front desk to be checked.
  • After finishing one of the assignments, look at the list of books below and learn more about some of the titles.

Friday’s Book Tasting Menu Selections – Click the book title/author for a link to Goodreads, where you can learn  more about the novel.

Realistic Fiction

Literature that is set in the real world, usually in the current time, in which characters deal with problems most readers can relate to.

Historical Fiction 

Literature that is set in the real world during a historically significant event or time period.  Characters deal with problems related to the historical event or society at the time.


Literature that is set in an imagined universe with its own rules regarding what is possible.  Often magic and unusual creatures are a part of the story.  Also, fantasy usually involves an adventure or quest and a sense that the main character must fulfill his or her destiny.


Literature about an imagined society or state, often set in the future, exploring social and political conflicts in which characters face poverty, squalor or oppression.  (A distorted Utopia—A “perfect’ place)