Tue. 2/6 – Book Clubs Day 1

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Adjectives/Adverbs quiz Thursday; Finish castle learning assignments by tomorrow.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO begin reading your novel.

DO NOW – When you receive your novel, PRINT your name on the inside cover along with 2018 and Huntley.  Fill out your “Bingo” handout (name/period, and name/author/title on back) and put in your binder.


For the last few minutes, take time to make sense of what you read today.  Open your notebook to a new page and write today’s date, along with the title and author of your novel.

In a PARAGRAPH, write about any or all of the following:

  • The PROTAGONIST of your novel – what do you know about him/her so far?
  • The SETTING – what kind of place is it, and what are some specific details? 
  • What is the MOOD of the novel so far?
  • What QUESTIONS do you have about the story so far?