Wed. 2/7 – Book Clubs Day 2

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK: Adjective/Adverb Quiz tomorrow!

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue reading your novel and have your first book club discussion.

DO NOW – Take out your novels and get reading!

It’s important for you to read at a pace (pages per day) that enables you to finish the novel and have time to complete your project.  Here’s a suggested pacing for the current unit, by novel.

Novel TitlePages Per Day
Between Shades of Gray23 pages per day
Book Thief37 pages per day
Chains20 pages per day
Counting by 7’s26 pages per day
Graveyard Book20 pages per day
House of the Scorpion26 pages per day
Matched25 pages per day
Out of My Mind20 pages per day
Part Time Indian16 pages per day
Tuck Everlasting12 pages per day
Uglies27 pages per day
Unwind23 pages per day
Weasel10 pages per day
Wednesday Wars18 pages per day

Book Club Discussion #1 – PROTAGONISTS

  • Write your heading for today’s work in your notebook: use the above heading and today’s date.
  • In your group today, take turns briefly sharing the details of your writing from yesterday.
  • Then, discuss the following question:

What makes your main character STRONG and INTERESTING? If you feel your character is not “strong,” discuss the character’s POTENTIAL.  

  • Write down any valuable details from your discussion to help you write a character analysis (to be assigned soon).