Fri. 2/9 – Conflict


TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue reading with a focus on the conflict(s) experienced by the protagonist in the novel.

DO NOW – Get your notebook ready for today’s work: “2/9 – Conflict”

As you read, pay attention to the pressures your character is dealing with.  

EXTERNAL PRESSURES come from outside forces.  Is your protagonist struggling against another person, society, technology, nature, a supernatural force?

INTERNAL PRESSURES come from a character’s own thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  Is your protagonist struggling against the pressures of doubts, fears, confusion, frustration?

Your character can face many pressures and conflicts from within his/her own mind and from outside sources.  Make a list as you read and be ready to share in  your group talk later in the period.

Book Club Meeting

Today, begin by sharing your character analysis details.  You do not need to read your paragraph.  Add to your own notes as needed.

Then, discuss the pressures the protagonist is facing in the novel.  Discuss any and all possible areas of conflict.

Devise a VISUAL way to illustrate the conflicts affecting your main character.  You can use the above chart, or you can come up with your own idea.  Use color to enhance the illustration.