Mon. 2/12 – Point of View Switch

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Finish protagonist switch scene for tomorrow.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue reading and analyze the main conflict through a scene narrated by a different character.

DO NOW – Set up your notebook for today’s work: “2/12 – Point of View Switch”

Friday you explored all of the pressures faced internally and externally by the protagonist of your novel.  Which one is the most important struggle going on in the main character’s story?  That important struggle is the CENTRAL CONFLICT of the story.  

In your notebook, WRITE about this central conflict.  Explain what the struggle is about, and what motivates the protagonist to face and overcome this struggle.

Next, remember a moment in the novel in which the central conflict is clearly expressed or shown.  It can be an important conversation or a situation in which the main character experiences the conflict.

Below your explanation of the central conflict, WRITE a different version of the scene told by another character.  The details and dialogue should be the same, but you will provide the thoughts and reactions of a different character who understands the conflict (and is probably involved in it).

The scene should be at least a page long in your notebook.

If you are having difficulty choosing a scene, it may be helpful to list, in order, the important events in the story.  That will help you focus on the moments that reveal the central conflict.

  • You will be on your own to use class time today.  If you choose, you can complete the written assignment first.  Or, you can read through the period and complete it for homework.