Tue. 2/13 – Exploring Setting, Group Planning

NO HOMEWORK TONIGHT unless you need to catch up on your reading or notebook work. (Notebook check coming after the break!)

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO read with an eye looking out for setting details and spend time choosing project work with your book club.

DO NOW – Write down today’s notebook heading, “2/13 – Setting Details in my Novel.”  

  • As you read today, write down a bulleted list of setting locations in your novel
  • Include specific details of these setting locations that stand out in your mind.
  • Also describe the mood of each place.

Book Club Session 1: Setting Details

  • In your group today, discuss the setting details you listed in your notebook.
  • Be aware of where each club member is in the story and avoid sharing details from beyond that point.
  • Add to your list any settings, setting details, or mood details that you missed.

Book Club Session 2: Project Planning/Strategizing

  • Discuss which project choices you intend to work on.  
  • Discuss which project choices are most compatible with your novel.
  • Consider this:  if you intend to create a video trailer or scene for one of the media project choices, you may work with a partner and receive credit for the same assignment.  Discuss the possibilities with your group if you are interested.  

If you have additional time…

  • Discuss the scenes you wrote and your ideas about the central conflict.  Come to an agreement about the conflict, regardless of whether or not your scene reflects that conflict (you will still get notebook credit for the scene).
  • Continue reading or catch up on notebook work that  you haven’t finished.