2/14 – Theme Analysis

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Come to Extra Help today or tomorrow for the Adjective/Adverb makeup assignment, if applicable.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO go over the Adjectives/Adverbs Quiz, read with setting in mind and begin drawing a setting map or setting illustration.

DO NOW – Write today’s heading, “2/14 – Setting Map”

  • Use your time today to sketch out a map of the novel’s setting or an illustration of a key part of the setting.
  • The map does not have to be literal (country borders, accurate street and distance details) but should present a depiction of key places in the novel
  • The map should be reflective of the mood or different moods of the story.  Use colors and details to make the mood clear.
  • Use arrows, roadways, colorful or bold lines or other methods to connect the places together.  
  • IDEA: If appropriate, use a “board game” approach if the places are visited in some sequence.  In other words, wind the path of the story around the page and through the different settings.
  • Clearly label all parts of the map, and if necessary, provide some written details to make your map clear.  (a LEGEND is useful….)
  • If you are drawing a setting illustration, your artwork must be well-detailed and clearly depict the mood of the place.