Mon. 2/26 – Who inspires you? What are you passionate about?

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Finish novel by Friday. Be prepared to write a book review/essay.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO think about who inspires you and what you are passionate about.

DO NOW #1 – Take out Core Workout #3.  Briefly review the story and questions.  When you receive your Core Workout answer sheet, look over your responses.

DO NOW #2 – Write today’s heading in your notebook: “2/26 – Who inspires me?  What am I passionate about?”

Watch the videos.  As you watch, pay attention to MOOD and IMAGERY

  • Write down the title of each video. 
  • Below the title, describe the mood(s) presented.
  • Also write down at least three vivid imagery details that caught your attention

To review:

  • MOOD is the feeling created by what you are reading/viewing
  • IMAGERY is anything that appeals to your senses (visuals, sounds, etc.)


Take a few minutes to think about people who inspire you in life.  Make a list, and if you have time, explain why each person inspires you.

Next, take a few minutes to think about what you are passionate about.  Make a list, and if you have time, explain why you feel this passion.