Fri. 3/2 – Genre Analysis Draft

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Bingo Project due March 13.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO draft your genre analysis essay and work on project drafts.

DO NOW – Write today’s heading in your notebook: “3/2 – Genre Analysis”

Using your notes from yesterday’s discussion…

Draft an essay on loose leaf paper that defines the genre of your novel.  Use details from your novel as evidence to illustrate and support your definition.

In your essay, be sure to:

  • (Introduction) Clearly define the genre you will be describing, identifying 3 or more specific features common to it
  • (Body) Share multiple specific details from your novel as examples of the different features you have identified (can be multiple paragraphs)
  • (Optional) Include details from other novels, if you are able to
  • (Conclusion) (A) Discuss whether or not your novel is a typical example of the genre (are there important features missing from it?), OR (B) Discuss why this genre appeals to you as a reader and whether this novel is an outstanding example of the genre

When you are finished with the draft (in your notebook), you can continue working on your project.