Mon. 3/5 – Perseverance


  • Finish Perseverance Essay in your notebook by Wednesday
  • Bingo Project due Tue. 3/13

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO (A) complete a personal essay about a time you overcame a challenge through perseverance, (B) finish your genre study essay from Friday, or (C) get caught up in your notebook for this week’s check.

DO NOW – Write down today’s heading, “3/5 – Perseverance Essay”

WARM-UP. As  you watch the following short film, jot down examples of PERSEVERANCE, or moments when characters in the video struggle through a challenge without giving up.

REFLECTION. Think about and write down examples of moments when you have shown perseverance.  These moments can include your family, friends, a team, the cast of a show, or be individual experiences.

WHEN YOU ARE READY TO WRITE, share one personal story of perseverance.  In your writing, be sure to:

  • Focus on a specific story
  • Provide vivid details to enhance the mood and imagery of the experience
  • Frame the story within a reflection on perseverance–write a brief introduction about the importance of perseverance, identify the moments of perseverance in your story, and conclude with a reflection on how this experience has affected you

If you need to finish  your genre study writing assignment from Friday, you can do so and complete this assignment for homework.

Notebook Check 3.2 (Starting Wednesday)

  • 30 points
  • 6 Full Pages for the Book Clubs/Project (5 pts each)
  • Topics MAY include
    • Character analysis paragraph
    • Character pressure chart
    • Point of view switch scene
    • Setting illustration/map
    • Likes/dislikes
    • ANY drafts for your project
  • Clearly label pages with headings and dates