Tue. 3/6 – Project Work Day

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – “Perseverance” essay/reflection (typed or on loose leaf) will be collected tomorrow

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO work on final drafts of your Bingo Project selections.

Remember: You can choose (A) any four in one row, column or corner-to-corner diagonal, or (B) any five scattered throughout the board, subject to approval.

DO NOW – Take out all your project materials: novel, notebook, project sheet, and any illustrations or diagrams you are working on.

Here’s what your work time should look like:

  1. Typing up drafts/final drafts of written project pieces – double-spaced, with title and proper heading (see handbook)
  2. Creating a map or illustration either on the computer or using art materials
  3. Working on a Prezi or word cloud (NOTE: Prezi is not working properly on the school computers…you will need your own or work on it at home)
  4. Consulting with members of your book club group (who are seated near you)

Resources for the Bingo Project:

Project Handout with Instructions (Link)


Wordclouds.com or Word Cloud Generator