Fri. 3/9 – Final Project Work Day

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Castle Learning Practice 1-3 due Monday; bring novels to class to be collected

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO finish up your Bingo Projects

DO NOW – Take out all project materials: novel, notebook, work-in-progress


  • Revise/edit written work
  • Print final copies
  1. Proof read all writing
  2. Include the TITLE AND AUTHOR of your novel on each piece
  3. Include a proper heading and title for each project page
  4. Place the projects in any order you choose
  5. Staple everything together with the project sheet attached to the back
  6. Be sure to email links to media projects or submit by USB drive
  • Work on Castle Learning
  • Type up your Passion/Inspiration or Perseverance reflections