Tue. 3/20 – Animal Rights Debate Prep

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Core Workout #4 Due Tues. 3/27

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO review your work arguing for or against animal testing to prepare for a debate on the topic.

DO NOW – When you receive your essay, read it and review your position.  Look over the ProCon packet as well.

ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED to a side in the argument, circle that position at the top of your worksheet.

WORKING AS A GROUP, complete PART 1 of the handout.  

Debate Rules for the Speaker

  1. You have ONE MINUTEto argue your side.
  2. Speak only to the person(s) you are paired with.
  3. STAND as you present your argument.
  4. You may use notes.
  5. Strategize your delivery: start strong, but finish stronger.
  6. Address counterclaim: in round 1, address what you believe to be the opposition’s strongest point; in round 2, directly respond to your opponent.

Debate Rules for the Listener

  1. SIT as you listen to the argument.
  3. Listen only to the person you are paired with. 
  4. DO NOTHING to distract or hinder the presenter.
  5. You may write down their points as you listen.
  6. Listen for the strongest point in the presenter’s argument and be prepared to share/discuss with your team.