Thu. 3/22 – Animal Rights Debate

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Core Workout #4 Due Tuesday (notebook responses will be checked!); Castle Learning Practices 8, 9, 10, 11 due Monday.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO conduct a debate about whether using animals for testing/research for the benefit of humans is right or wrong.

DO NOW – Take out your debate handout and any additional paper you might need.

Warm up: Take 5 minutes to review your strategies and key points with your group.  Partner with someone and practice your delivery.  Time yourself if you can.

Debate Rules for the Speaker

  1. You have ONE MINUTEto argue your side. 
  2. Speak only to the person(s) you are paired with.
  3. STAND as you present your argument.
  4. You may use notes.
  5. Strategize your delivery: start strong, but finish stronger.
  6. Address counterclaim: in round 1, address what you believe to be the opposition’s strongest point; in round 2, directly respond to your opponent.

Debate Rules for the Listener

  1. SIT as you listen to the argument.
  3. Listen only to the person you are paired with. 
  4. DO NOTHING to distract or hinder the presenter. 
  5. Use the DEBATE NOTES section of your handout to write down points as you listen.
  6. Be prepared to share/discuss what you heard with your team.


Take the next few minutes to complete the rest of your debate handout.