Mon. 3/26 – Argument Essay Rubric and Checklist

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK: Core Workout #4 due tomorrow; Castle Learning Practice 12-15 due after break

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO review the argument essay rubric and checklist handout and continue to revise your essay.

DO NOW: After you have received the handout, write your name on it and begin looking it over.

LINK: Argument Essay Handout

Use the CHECKLIST (back of page) to guide your revision work.

  • Develop a stronger introduction with one of the suggested strategies
  • Develop the body of your essay with an abundance of evidence and strategic argument techniques
  • Develop a stronger conclusion with the suggested strategies
  • Develop a more sophisticated essay using the craft checklist
  • Develop a well-written essay by following the conventions checklist

The RUBRIC will be used to score the essay.  It is due Wednesday, March 28