Tue. 4/10 – CORE Workout / ELA Review, Day 2


  • If you haven’t done so, finish Animal Testing Argument Essay and submit to MS Student Dropbox/ Huntley/ Your class folder by the end of the week.
  • Personal Narrative #3 due Monday

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO finish our review of Core Workout 4 and this week’s ELA Assessment.

DO NOW – Locate your Core Workout 4 short responses in your notebook.

ELA 2018 Information:

  • 2 Days
  • 3 periods each day (periods 2, 3, 4) – 120 minutes per session
  • Designed to be completed in 90 minutes on each day–that means you have 20-30 extra minutes per session
  • Reading selections/passages are 700-900 words long (half Core Workout length)
  • Questions covering Main Idea, Literary Elements, Figurative Language, Inferential (Critical) thinking, vocabulary in context
  • READ WITH A PURPOSE – Look over the questions ahead of reading
  • Annotation encouraged

DAY 1 – Wed. April 12: – 5 passages, 35 multiple-choice questions

DAY 2 – Thu. April 13:  3 passages, 7 short responses (paragraphs), 1 extended response (essay)

Short Responses

  • Short responses are worth 2 points each, for a total of 14 points (they are more important than the extended response, and it’s easier to get full credit)
  • Should require ONLY 3-5 sentences:
  1. Inference/Your clear, specific answer to the question
  2. Detail 1 from the text to support your inference/answer
  3. Detail 2 from the text to support your inference/answer

Extended Response (Essay)

  • You will be responding to PAIRED texts (you will make connections between two passages related by theme, genre, tone or time period)
  • You may have to take a side or position and support it with evidence from the texts
  • The extended response is worth 4 points

Extended response should require 3 PARAGRAPHS

  1. You should begin with a BRIEF INTRODUCTION that responds to the prompt–one to two sentences.
  2. Your evidence will be presented in the BODY paragraph
  3. You should end with a BRIEF CONCLUSION that sums up your points–one sentence.