Mon. 4/16 – Introduction to Graphic Literature

WRITE DOWN THE HOMEWORK: Select a novel by Monday for an independent reading project.  It should be appropriate for your reading level.  No restrictions on genre except that it cannot be a graphic novel.  Make sure it is a book you can finish in a 4-week period.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO explore several graphic literature texts and begin to study the genre.


  • TAKE OUT your Personal Narrative assignments to be collected
  • Open your notebooks to a new page.  Write today’s heading: “4/16 – Introduction to Graphic Literature.”

You will spend about 5 minutes looking at a graphic text, and then pass it on.  Do not read the story–examine the style and structure of it.

1. Write down the title and author(s) of the book (include the artist who illustrated it!)

2. Flip through a few pages of the book, looking over how the text and images are presented.  Write down the following:

(A) List all the ways words are used…Speech Bubbles? Thought Bubbles?  Narration?  Onomatopoeia?  Something different?

(B) What is the color palette?  List the main colors you see, or whether they are dark, bold, muted, or black and white.

(C) Describe the panels (the “boxes”): are they all the same general size?  If not, describe what you see. Full page panels? Irregular shapes?

3. Do you like the artistic style?  Why or why not?

4. Does this brief look at the book make you want to read it?  Why or why not?


Final Thoughts:

Whether or not you have experience reading graphic literature, you have just spent several minutes looking at some different examples.  How would you explain how to read one?  How does the story flow on a page?  Should you read the text first, look at the pictures first, or does the author/artist provide a “flow”?