Wed. 4/18 – Browsing the Classroom Library

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Select a novel for your outside reading project by Monday.  No graphic novels, but narrative nonfiction is acceptable.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO browse the collection of graphic texts and make a list of books you are interested in reading.  

DO NOW – Open your notebook to yesterday’s work.

Describe a memorable or interesting panel from the Anne Frank book we read yesterday.  Why did it catch your eye?

Browsing the Library

  • You will have an opportunity today to browse the 100+ graphic texts in the classroom library.
  • You may have up to 3 books on your desk at a time.
  • You may exchange books with others in the class.
  • If you want to look at more books, you must return the ones on your desk.
  • If you find a book you like and want to read it, you may do so.
  • If a book catches your eye but you are unable to look at it or read it, start a list in your notebook (title and author).

Final Reflection

Write about one or more books that interested you today.  Why did they interest you?  Provide specific details about the story, the artwork, or some other feature that intrigued you.