Wed. 4/25 – Graphic Lit Reading Day 3


  • Report to Computer Lab 209 tomorrow.
  • Read your novel 20 minutes every night. 
  • Project will be due Thursday, May 17…figure out your reading goals!

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue reading graphic literature and write a mini-review of a book you have finished.

DO NOW – Open your notebooks to the book review draft you wrote yesterday.  Use it to complete the following assignment:

On a regular-sized index card, write a  brief review of one of the graphic texts you have read.

  1. On the top line, write the title, underlined, and the author’s name.
  2. Write a brief paragraph: Describe the plot in a sentence or two.  Describe the BEST and/or WORST features.  No spoilers!
  3. Provide a grade at the bottom (A+, A, B+, B, etc.)

When you finish your review, check it for capitalization, spelling, and ensure you included all the information.  Continue reading your graphic novel; your review will be collected.