Mon. 4/30 – Graphic Lit Reading Day 4


  • Finish Pixton Project notebook work by Monday
  • Read your novel every night (you have approximately 2 weeks to finish)
  • Project Due 5/17

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue reading graphic literature with an eye on “framing” shots.

This is a CLOSE-UP SHOT: head and shoulders, emphasizing the character, emotions and reactions in the face

Close-up Shot

This is a MEDIUM SHOT: the “default” in Pixton…full body shown, shows both facial expressions and body language.

Medium Shot

This is a LONG or WIDE SHOT: it shows more of the background to emphasize/establish the setting, or to make characters look small as a narrative effect

Long or Wide Shot

This is an EXTREME CLOSE-UP: it shows only part of the face to emphasize intense emotion (usually the eyes).

Extreme Close-up

DO NOW: Set up your heading for today’s writing – “4/30 – Framing the shot”

As you read today, look for different framing shots in your book.  Discuss your book’s use of different shots.  Which ones are used the most?  Which ones do you like the most?  Are they effective?  Why?