Tue. 5/1 – Graphic Lit Reading Day 5


  • Finish Pixton Project notebook work by Monday
  • Read your novel every night (you have approximately 2 weeks to finish)
  • Project Due 5/17

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue reading graphic literature with an eye on finding a model scene.

DO NOW – Set up today’s notebook heading – “5/1 – Finding a 9-panel scene”

Remember the requirements for your project scenes:

  • Both scenes must have at least 9 panels–the first panel includes the title, author, and your name, but can include a teaser image (that means your scene should have at least 8 panels of narrative)
  • They will need to clearly depict important moments in the story
  • One must occur in the second half of the story.
  • Your scenes will be evaluated based upon the quality, creativity, and attention to detail in the visuals
  • They will also be evaluated based upon the expressiveness of the dialogue

Writing Assignment

As you read today, look for a sequence of 8-9 panels that present a complete scene.  Note the page number.  Briefly summarize the scene in a paragraph, or number 1-8 to list the details of each panel.  Also explain the importance of the scene in relation to the story as a whole.