Mon.-Fri. 5/7-11 – Pixton Project Days (Lab)


  • Read your novel every night
  • Complete all 3 notebook assignments (#4, 5, 6 on project handout) by Wednesday
  • Project due May 17

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO work on your Pixton Project (link to handout, here)

  • If you are not prepared to complete the notebook work, read your novel
  • If you have notebook work to complete, you should do so before creating your Pixton comics
  • If you do not have any notebook work completed, you should not be working on a Pixton comic strip
  • If you have at least one scene summarized and storyboarded, you can work on the Pixton comic strip

If you want feedback on your comic strips before Friday, you should come to extra help and Mr. Huntley will go over it with you.