Tue. 5/15 – Anne Frank, Before Hiding


  • Your Pixton Comic Project is due Thursday. 
  • Submit your two comics any time before the due date.
  • Come to extra help Wed. if you want feedback.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO watch a segment of an Anne Frank miniseries to learn about her life just before going into hiding.

DO NOW – Write today’s heading in your notebook, “5/15 – Anne Frank, Before Hiding,” and write a 5-minute response to the following:

(1) If you had to leave your house immediately–without knowing in advance, and did not know how long you would be gone–what would you take with you and why?

  • You would be traveling with your family
  • You would take only what you can carry in one backpack or small suitcase
  • You must take clothing as well, so space will be limited

Today we will watch an excerpt from a miniseries based on The Diary of Anne Frank to show you what happened the day they had to go into hiding.

(2) How would you feel in the situation you just observed?  Describe your thoughts about what was going on at different moments, as well as your thoughts about the future.

Virtual Tour of the Secret Annex

(3) Now that you have had a closer look at the Secret Annex, imagine living there for more than two years without the opportunity to go outside.  Imagine sharing that space with five adults and two other teenagers.  Imagine following the rules: from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday-Saturday, no movement, no talking, no running water or flushing toilet. What are your reactions to living in this situation?