Wed. 5/16 – Diary of Anne Frank, Part 1

WRITE DOWN THE HOMEWORK – Your Pixton Comic Project (2 comics) are due TOMORROW.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO begin reading the award-winning Broadway adaptation of Anne Frank’s “Diary of a Young Girl” (Act 1, Scene 1 and half of Act 1, Scene 2)

Link here for text: The Diary of Anne Frank (Drama)

DO NOW – Set up your notebook for today’s work: “5/16 – Diary of Anne Frank Part 1”

If you choose a part, write down WHO you are playing and WHERE you will be reading. 

Read the handout and answer the questions at the bottom.

Handout: Prospectus

What are your reactions to the personalities of the various characters so far?  Select one, and describe his/her personality, providing a detail from the play to support your inference.