Mon. 5/21 – Diary of Anne Frank, Part 4


  • Final Notebook Check next week.
  • Review all assignments from the graphic literature unit (excluding the Pixton Project work) and the Anne Frank unit.
  • 40 points for 8 pages.

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue reading the dramatic adaptation of the Diary of Anne Frank.  (finish scene 4, begin scene 5)

DO NOW – Write down today’s notebook heading: “5/21 – Diary of Anne Frank, Part 4”

TENSION is the device used by authors to develop and intensify the conflict(s) in a story.

In your notebook, analyze a scene that develops tension in the play. 

  1. Provide details from the scene that increase or intensify conflict.
  2. Explain the resulting increase in conflict between the characters, conflict with the outside world, and/or a character’s internal conflict.