Tue. 5/22 – Diary of Anne Frank, Part 5

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Notebook check next week. 40 points, 8 pages on Graphic Lit. and Anne Frank

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue to read the dramatic adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank. (Act II, Scene 1)

DO NOW – Write today’s notebook heading, “5/22 – Diary of Anne Frank, Part 5”

As you read today, analyze Anne’s relationships with others in hiding.  (A) With whom does she have the most conflict?  (B) Which relationship has changed the most(C) Which one is she most dependent on?  Provide your reasons as well as details from the play to support each of your inferences.

Also, be sure to complete yesterday’s assignment: 

In your notebook, analyze a scene that develops tension in the play.  (1) Provide details from the scene that increase or intensify conflict, and (2) Explain the resulting increase in conflict between the characters, conflict with the outside world, and/or a character’s internal conflict.