Wed. 5/23 – Diary of Anne Frank, Part 6

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Notebook check next week – 8 pages on graphic literature and Anne Frank – 40 points

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO continue reading the dramatic adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank (Act II Scenes 2, 3, and part of 4)

DO NOW – Write today’s notebook heading: “5/23 – Diary of Anne Frank, Part 6”

Today’s Analysis Question:

What would you do as a resident of the Secret Annex if you found out someone was stealing food?  Explain your answer.  Consider the following reasoning in your response (you may agree or disagree with some of the thoughts, or even provide your own insights)

  • Kicking someone out of the Secret Annex would most likely be a death sentence
  • What’s done is done; you can’t get the food back
  • Not everyone has the same willpower, generosity, and strong moral character as Mr. Frank (few do, even in the Secret Annex)
  • If others, for example Anne, can be forgiven for her own kind of selfishness, why not Mr. Van Daan?
  • Decisions made in the heat of the moment are often regretted later
  • The loss of the food may not make a difference; the future is uncertain, and Mr. Van Daan will most likely never make this mistake again