Thu. 5/24 – Anne Frank, Part 7

WRITE DOWN YOUR HOMEWORK – Final notebook check next week.

For full credit (40 points, 5 points per page) you must:

  • Have 8 full pages (if you aren’t sure what full pages are and have to ask, add to your notes)
  • Neat, legible, properly labeled entries (if necessary, go back to add DATES and HEADINGS and ensure they are legible)
  • Thoughtful writing with use of supportingĀ details in the texts you read (if necessary, clarify your reasoning and add examples to support your thinking)

TODAY’S GOAL IS TO finish the story of Anne Frank and her family

DO NOW – Set up today’s notebook work: “5/24 – Anne Frank Part 7”

As you read Chapter 9 (p. 114) in the graphic text, Anne Frank: The Authorized Graphic Biography, set up a chart in your notebook to explain what happens to each of the former residents of the Secret Annex: