Advice From Mr. Huntley’s 7th Grade English Students

On NOTEBOOKS – Keep your notebook ready to go at all times.  Write MORE than enough.  Provide a TON of evidence.  If you do well on your notebook, you will get a good grade his class.  Keep your notebook organized with dates and headings.

On READING – Read EVERY NIGHT.  Choose your books carefully so that you ENJOY THEM.  Do the assigned reading as soon as you find out about it.

On ORGANIZATION – Use the WEBSITE to keep track of assignments.  Start projects right away.  DON’T PROCRASTINATE!  Pay attention in class and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS carefully.  Turn assignments in on time.

On WORK ETHIC – Just DO THE WORK!  You are developing habits and skills that will help you later – maybe in an hour, or in 10 years.  Take advantage of EXTRA HELP.  And don’t be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS.

ALSO – Relax, it’s going to be fun…Be prepared for a lot of revision…Be sure to English good…Behave!…Don’t leave your imagination at home; you’re going to need it!